our capabilities

Transforming the value of undeveloped and undervalued land requires the combined competencies of planning, collaboration, know-how and industry experience that Scenic Land Investments brings to the table.

Assembling properties

Many of Scenic Land Investments’ properties consist of previously disconnected land parcels. Often, our vision for developing profitable investments has required us to coordinate and piece together variously zoned properties into a single property worth exponentially more than its individual parts. Negotiating these arrangements has required identifying the needs of property owners to structure contracts that meet their own needs and goals. These have ranged from purchase sell agreements to option agreements or even partnering and joint venture arrangements.


From the complex to the straightforward, each of Scenic Land Investments’ projects has required rezoning. Successful rezoning takes into consideration the special circumstances of each property and balances these with an understanding of the city’s and community’s plan for growth and future use of the property. Terrain, access, utilities, city and community goals all come into play. Scenic Land Investments is disciplined and long-suffering in its approach rezoning. While rezoning can require significant time and patience, we believe that great investments are worth the wait.

Acquiring utility access

Many of Scenic Land Investments’ properties have critical utilities located miles away from our development sites. These include, but are not limited to, sewer, natural gas, water and electricity. Over the years, Scenic Land Investments has worked persistently to bring these must-have utilities online for our developments. It has required working diligently with local and regional utility companies, neighboring property owners, local governments and municipalities to structure mutually beneficial arrangements. And at the end of the day, our investments have achieved a higher and better use, producing maximum return on investment for our properties and investors.

Master planning

Careful planning of multi-use communities and developments requires an understanding and sensitivity of spatial relationships that balances form with function. Scenic Land Investments understands what can and cannot be done with property. We utilize every aspect of a piece of land to maximize its full potential in a manner consistent with the vision of the community and respect for the landscape. 

Collaboration with community and local government

Transforming land value effectively is more than buying and building. It requires processing all the viable options for the property and ensuring that the project fits in with the vision of the neighboring community, as well as the best use of the city and county. In order to bring the value of its investments to life, Scenic Land Investments has spent countless hours participating in town hall meetings, dialoguing with community leaders and negotiating with city council memberss, county commissioners, mayors and homeowners associations.

Local contacts and resources

Scenic Land Investments understands that effective land investment and development is a complex puzzle. Our partners and advisors are deeply connected with our local community. To ensure we are giving back to our communities as often and as much as possible, we engage regularly with local suppliers, subcontractors, surveyors, title companies, legal counsel, financial institutions, trade services and architects.